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About Michaud Law Group

Michaud Law Group serves the transactional, regulatory, and policy needs of the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and microgrid industries in Connecticut.

We lead Connecticut in helping to grow the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and microgrid industries, and deeply understand these industries from a legal, business, regulatory, and policy perspective.


Breath and Depth of Experience. Our firm has a deep and diverse array of practice experience focused on the emerging and established renewable energy developers, municipalities, landowners, banks and other lenders, and renewable energy off-takers.

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Client and Industry Challenges

In Connecticut, concerns about high energy costs and energy resiliency have resulted in an increased focus on renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and microgrids. While strong consumer demand and state and federal incentives have provided opportunities to develop and grow the renewable energy industry in the state, increased rate impact and environmental scrutiny have given rise to unique and often complex legal and business challenges.

The attorneys at Michaud Law Group have extensive experience in renewable energy regulation and transactions. As a renewable energy, energy efficiency, and microgrid law firm, we are committed to being the leader in providing legal services to the renewable energy, energy efficiency and microgrid industries in Connecticut, and we are on the forefront on most, if not all, of the developments emerging from the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and microgrid sectors.

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