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Ground Mounted Solar Generation System for the Town of Stafford, CT

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Town of Stafford, CT – Ground Mounted Solar Generation System

With the legal assistance from Attorney Paul R. Michaud, the Town of Stafford recently completed installing a 3.4 MW (AC) solar system. This is a 11,780-panel virtual net-metered system featuring three arrays: two at Stafford Middle School (1.296 MW each) and an 848-kilowatt (kW) array at the Town’s closed landfill, will offset all the school’s electrical usage and most of the Town’s other municipal buildings.

The Town of Stafford used a Tax-Exempt Lease Purchase (TELP) which enabled them to purchase and own the system outright. Utilizing this method, a long term ZREC (Zero Emission Energy Credit) contract, and high cost of electricity makes ownership advantageous for the Town.

With an expected annual output of more than 4.6 million kilowatt hours per year, the system is projected to save the Town $4,316,126 over 15 years and $12,270,830 over 25 years. Through the solar array combined with a high efficiency geothermal heat pump system, the Town is expected to save more than $24 million over 25 years as it completes the execution of its energy plan.

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