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May 26, 2020

Re: Invitation for Clean Energy Advocates To Support Joe Biden For President

Dear Clean Energy Advocate:

I am the Founder of, and Principal Attorney at, the Michaud Law Group LLC, former Counsel and Chair of the Renewable Energy Group at Murtha Cullina, LLP, former General Counsel and Director of Regulatory Policy at the Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (the predecessor to the Connecticut Green Bank), and the Founder of and Executive Director at the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Business Association, Inc. (REEBA). I am currently developing, or have caused to be developed, more than 100 megawatts of clean energy generation in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York.

I am writing to you because like me, I know your focus on, and leadership regarding, clean energy issues in Connecticut and the Northeast United States. I have been asked to help build the Connecticut Chapter of Clean Energy for Biden (CE4B) as a way to rally all those in our state who are interested in clean energy and want to add strength to Vice President Joe Biden’s electoral prospects both in Connecticut and across the nation.

CE4B has a growing list of Connecticut clean energy advocates and leaders involved, including former Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Dan Esty, Green Bank Board Chair Lonnie Reed, as well as State Senators Norm Needleman and Christine Cohen.

CE4B will be doing a variety of things to help the Biden presidential campaign, including outreach, policy development, and fundraising. If you are interested in joining Clean Energy for Biden (CE4B), please go to the following website to sign up at

Very sincerely yours,

Paul R. Michaud, Esq.

Michaud Law Group serves the transactional, regulatory, and policy needs of the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and microgrid industries in Connecticut.

We lead Connecticut in helping to grow the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and microgrid industries, and deeply understand these industries from a legal, business, regulatory, and policy perspective.

— Michaud Law Group. Renewable energy attorney Connecticut, renewable energy lawyer Connecticut, microgrid industry, solar generation, transactional regulatory policy needs, energy efficiency, microgrid industries.

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